Who is the Rebellious Bride?


Over the past two weeks, you’ve gotten acquainted with the Modern Bride and the Bohemian Bride. This week on The Fame Files, we’re introducing you to our favorite rebel without a cause: The Rebellious Bride.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 12.53.11 PM

The Rebellious Bride was never really into getting married. But, hey, it happens.

Don’t think she’s suddenly about to go traditional, though. Her wedding could be a small, intimate celebration or an all-out-all-night rager (or maybe even both). No matter what, it’ll be a wedding unlike any other.

The Rebellious Bride is inspired by icons like Marlene Dietrich, Janelle Monae, Grace Jones and Kristen Stewart.


The Annie, The Zelda, The Katharine, The Clara

“Something borrowed” is as close as she’ll get to giving in to tradition–as in, her look will be borrowed from the boys. A wide-legged jumpsuit (like The Annie or The Katharine) suits her perfectly, because comfort and cool-factor are equally important to the Rebellious Bride. She also loves The Zelda and The Clara for their versatile vintage appeal.

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