Who is the Modern Bride?


Last week, we introduced you to The Bohemian Bride; this week on The Fame Files, we’re changing it up and delving into The Modern Wedding.

So, who is the Modern Bride? What sets her apart, and how does she tie the knot?


The Modern Bride loves a good wedding, but could do without the fuss and fanfare.

She’s over the idea that the wedding day should be all about her; to her, this day is about partnership (and, OK, it’s a little bit about the dress). She might get married in her parents’ backyard, or somewhere equally as intimate and simple.

The Modern Bride is inspired by icons like Caroline Bessette-Kennedy, Lauren Hutton, Kate Moss and the Olsen Twins.


The Bessette, The Josephine, The Alexandrina, The Nicks

For her wedding day, she’ll choose something simple but stunning. The Bessette is the classic, clean gown of her minimalist wedding dreams; she’s captivated by the 20’s-inspired glamour of The Josephine. The simplicity of The Alexandrina and the subtle edginess ofThe Nicks may call her name, as well.

Think you’re a Modern Bride? Download our 20+ page guide to nailing the Modern Wedding vibe here.