What would Georgia Fowler wear to formal?


It’s formal season for all of our Australian #FameFans! Georgia Fowler is here to give you advice on what to wear on the big night, like the supermodel/style star/big sister you always wished you had.georgia9

Fame and Parters: So what did you wear to the ball?

Georgia Fowler: To formal? I wore my sister’s dress to one, it was like a long, black, tight, slinky number. Then I had a pretty cheap one that I found that was coral and kind of more angelic, it was strapless but flowed out a lot. One was actually vintage, which is actually similar to some of the dresses today. I’m into that.


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F&P: What was the cut?

GF: It was just a simple kind of slip, silk. Yeah. Just very natural, I don’t know. It wasn’t trying to do too much, it just sat well on the body.


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F&P: What did you style it with?

GF: We’re talking a long time ago here! Haha.

F&P: Which was your favorite?

GF: There was one that I had that was one of my friends that I borrowed. We all kind of shared them, because, you know, they’re expensive. It was kind of gold, silver, metallic—also kind of blue in some lights, in a good way! Haha. And I just had a jeweled bag I borrowed from my mom. It was all very low key. I styled it with some big bling earrings, I pulled my hair back and had a big smokey eye as the girls all loved.


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So…what are you going to wear? We can wait to see your #FameMoments at formal!