Want to save 10% on any Fame and Partners piece?



The Venice

You know when you’re browsing online and fall in love with a piece of clothing but then you think, I have nowhere to wear this? That’s a constant feeling over here at Fame HQ (naturally, we’re surrounded by amazing clothes day in and day out), so we came up with a way to eliminate the guilt of impulse buying. It’s called Deliver Later.


The Claudie, The Zenith

When you choose “Deliver Later” at checkout, we’ll take 10% off of your order and deliver it to your door in 4-6 weeks. Because when you give us more time to make your clothing on-demand, we save money–and we want to pass those savings on to you.


The Silverlake Jumpsuit

Next time you see something gorgeous/ridiculous/where-would-I-wear-this, just click Deliver Later and give yourself some extra time to figure out a fabulous event to go to. Shop now, no regrets.