Update from our CEO: How Fame is empowering women this month.



Friends and fashion followers,

Our goal at Fame and Partners has always been to empower and support women with custom clothing; inspiring content from strong, successful women; and a culture internally that helps women take their careers to the next level. This month, Fame and Partners is giving you a bit of all three.


First up, we’ve introduced a brand-new collection of cocktail and party dresses and with that, the Holiday Party Survival Kit–because the holiday season can be stressful, but getting dressed shouldn’t be. Our new arrivals include short party dresses, elegant gowns, and everything in between; when you buy any two items, you’ll get one free with the code KIT342. Create your own Holiday Party Survival Kit here, so you can be prepared for any party that pops up.

As a company, we’re also focused on creating the next generation of the fashion industry: one that is inclusive, diverse, and responsibly produced. To that point, we’re hosting a contest for high-school and college-age women to win a paid internship with Fame and Partners in Los Angeles. Entry involves the submission of a short essay or creative artwork explaining how diversity in fashion empowers the entrant. At the end of the month, a winner will be picked by our incredible panel of judges–including actress Jamie Chung, blogger Emily Luciano, stylist Maria Bernard, the co-founders of The Everygirl, and myself. Enter here.


Finally, our latest More Than Just A… feature focuses on engagement ring designer Stephanie Gottlieb, who started her own jewelry business at 26 and has single-handedly built it into the thriving business it is today. In our interview (which you can read here), she speaks to creating a brand, her biggest business mistakes, and feminism in the wedding industry. I hope her story inspires you as much as it inspired me.

Nyree Corby
CEO and Founder