Tina Hu takes The Anti-Fast Fashion Pledge.



As I enter into my mid-twenties, I’ve become exceedingly more aware of how quality reigns over quantity in my clothing choices (and life, but that’s something much deeper I won’t go into today). Gone are the days where I spend hours stalking the sales racks for half a closetful of items that I’ll no longer wear in a year (or even a few months). Instead, my priorities are a modest but curated closet of quality items that I will wear and love for years to come.

Before I purchase anything, I ask myself a few simple questions:

  • “Can I pair this with at least 3-4 items in my current closet?”
  • “Trendy or not, can I see myself wearing this in 3 years?”
  • “Will this material last my wearing it throughout those years?”


When I browsed through Fame and Partner’s collection of beautiful day dresses, the Delaney 3-Piece went through this exact test in my mind.

“Can I pair this with at least 3-4 items in my current closet?”

I was instantly drawn to the fact that the Delaney was a set featuring separate pieces. Working in a corporate environment from Monday to Friday, it means my weekends are typically reserved for more casual wear. The top I could easily wear with any pair of jeans, high-waisted shorts, and high-waisted midi skirts I already owned. The wide legged bottoms were a bit tougher as a statement piece in my eye, but I could still easily dress it with a silk blouse or t-shirt.


“Trendy or not, can I see myself wearing this in 3 years?”

The Delaney is definitely a classic in my view. The cut and shape is flattering, helps to accentuate any curves that I was not genetically blessed with (!), and as mentioned, is versatile enough for me to dress up and down for different occasions. I haven’t talked about the 3rd piece in the set yet, but it’s actually a piece that wraps around the bottoms to form a pseudo skirt of sorts.

This 3rd piece instantly elevates the entire look to something else, adding a touch of femininity. I think I could definitely wear the full Delaney set to a wedding, especially with wedding season right around the corner.

“Will this material last my wearing it throughout those years?”

The Delaney is made of a thicker and structured cotton sateen material. When I first took the piece out of its packaging, I could tell that it was well-made. In line with quality over quantity, I’ve come to realize that a tailored fit is really what takes the look of your clothing to the next level. It took about 2 weeks for the package to arrive, as each Fame and Partner piece is actually made to order and tailored specifically to your sizing. The Delaney fit me perfectly everywhere, from the hem of the bottoms to the exact fit of the waistline.


Fame and Partners recently launched their Anti-Fast Fashion Shop, where customers can shop customizable, ethically-produced clothing that’s made-to-order and reasonably priced. Unlike fast fashion, it’s fashion that is anti-pollution, anti-waste, and anti-uniformity.

That is not to say that I never shop fast fashion, because at the end of the day, no one is perfect (and if you are, then I really do envy you). I do however; make a conscious effort to think about my purchasing decisions, and because of that, I’m taking the pledge to stop shopping fast fashion for 1 month. You can too, and together we have the capability to reduce fashion waste and curate a well-loved wardrobe for years to come!



You can find more from Tina on Instagram. She’s wearing The Delaney Three-Piece Set.




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