This fashion blogger only wore dresses–until she discovered this pair of pants.

When I was a little girl, my mom had the hardest time convincing me to wear dresses. I was a jeans and  boots kind of girl, with a western belt that had my name on the back and many a horse shirt in heavy rotation. I didn’t have time for dresses.


Much to my family’s chagrin, that continued well into high school — only I swapped out my horse shirts for ties and button up shirts, corduroy pants and the occasional mens golf pants from a thrift store. I rejected femininity in a pretty acerbic fashion; it was my weird attempt at rebellion. In fact, I tried to wear pants under my prom dress. My date (my gay best friend, naturally) talked me into forgoing the pants and fully committing to my Moulin Rouge-inspired dress (complete with a vintage hat and net), to which he matched his vest. I’m not sure if that’s where my love of dresses began, but it was somewhere around that time that it started to grow.


Now, I’m such a girly girl, with a closet full of dresses and a makeup collection that would make my teenage self roll her eyes. Somewhere along the line of coming around to and falling in love with dresses, I left my beloved pants at the wayside.


Don’t get me wrong, I wear jeans and shorts quite often, but I did not have a single pair of proper pants in my closet until these Fame and Partners pants came along. Isn’t that crazy? I don’t think I even realized it until now. But for some reason, as soon as I saw these, I was drawn to them. I love the high waist and wide legged silhouette, with the nipped in waist and adjustable tie. They have a sort of modern Annie Hall vibe, don’t you think? And if there’s anything younger me and present me can agree on, it’s the appeal of Annie Hall style.


You can find more from Keiko on her blog and Instagram. She’s wearing The Preetma Pant.




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