The secret to Georgia Fowler’s effortless look.


If anyone has perfected the art of effortless-af personal style, it’s Georgia Fowler.


The It model knows what she likes and what works–but don’t think that means she doesn’t shake things up once in a while. What’s her secret? A closet full of style staples (like the dresses from our It Girl Collection) and an adventurous attitude.


Read on for major tips on developing personal style from Georgia herself. (You’re welcome.)


F&P: Favorite thing to throw on & go?

GF: If I’m trying to just throw it on without a thought…a good dress. Throw it on with your converse, your boots or your brogues. That’s it, that’s all you need for the day and you can’t really go wrong. If it’s a cute dress, you don’t need to style it up with anything else. Otherwise, jeans, tee shirt, leather jacket—boom.


F&P: Favorite places to shop?

GF: I mean, Barney’s, but it’s damaging. I think that brands in Australia are really great, at least they’re a little more affordable than a lot of the brands here. Otherwise, some vintage finds out in Brooklyn.



F&P: What do you put on every day that speaks the most to who you are?

GF: I feel more myself when I wear something a little relaxed, sloppy. A button down shirt can be kind of sexy, but it’s not trying too hard. Even my baggy jeans I kind of love, I think it looks chic to not be so done up and tight all the time. Or a silky kind of dress like this one [the Ziv slip dress] with some sandals, just looks chic without looking like you’re in a fancy dress. It can be worn during the day; you can take it out at night. That kind of thing.


Fame and Partners: Best beauty tip?

Georgia Fowler: Hydrate! Drink lots of water and moisturize and wear sunscreen. I never used to when I was younger, and thanks to modeling I’ve learned to put a bit of sunscreen on and stay out of the sun so much. But yeah I think you’ll thank yourself in years to come, a tan’s not worth it. There are so many fake tan products now, you don’t need it!