Step-by-step guides to your bridal style–whether you’re Classic, Modern, Bohemian, or Rebellious.


Here comes the guide. (See what we did there?)


Whether your style is bohemian, classic, modern, or rebellious, we wrote the book on achieving whatever look you want, step-by-step. Our comprehensive guides to finding the perfect dress, hair, makeup, accessories, floral arrangements, and more–for you and your bridesmaids–are below. Consider these your bridal bibles.

The Bohemian Wedding


The makeup (natural), the hair (effortless), the accessories (unexpected), the dress (major!):

The Bohemian Wedding Dress
The Bohemian Bridesmaids
The Bohemian Accessories
The Bohemian Hair and Makeup
The Bohemian Perfume (in collaboration with Le Labo)

The Classic Wedding


Classic, yes–but basic? Never. We’ll help you put your own spin on tradition, from the look to the locale:

The Classic Wedding Dress
The Classic Bridesmaids
The Classic Accessories
The Classic Hair and Makeup
The Classic Perfume (in collaboration with Le Labo)

The Modern Wedding

A detailed look at how to achieve the low-drama, high-impact wedding you’ve always dreamed about:

The Modern Wedding Dress
The Modern Bridesmaids
The Modern Accessories
The Modern Hair and Makeup
The Modern Perfume (in collaboration with Le Labo)

The Rebellious Wedding

For the bride who never really thought she’d get married-here’s how to pull the whole thing off in your signature edgy style:

The Rebellious Wedding Dress
The Rebellious Bridesmaids
The Rebellious Accessories
The Rebellious Hair and Makeup
The Rebellious Perfume (in collaboration with Le Labo)


P.S. Not sure what your bridal style is? Take the quiz and find out.