September 2017 fashion horoscopes are here–and they’re good.


The retrograde is almost over and it’s blue skies ahead. What’s in store for you and your closet this month? Read on.



‘Tis the season to get creative. You’re feeling a lot of feelings this month, so instead of lashing out or acting prematurely, channel all of that buzzing energy into a creative project. A pair of high-waist floral pants, like The Zappa Pant, will put you in the mood to create.



Last month was all about introspection and self-care, and this month is all about action. Start to implement the things you’ve learned about yourself–just know that it won’t necessarily be smooth sailing right away, and that’s OK. Get a fresh start in The Tessa Jumpsuit.



Enough about you, Scorpio. September is all about helping others. Lend your sharp wit and keen eye to a movement or project you care about–you can change the world. Start now in the I-mean-business Rumi Top.



You’re always up for a spirited debate, but this month is not the time for that, Sag. You won’t be seeing eye-to-eye with everyone so instead of trying to sway others’ opinions, take a step back and try to see things from their perspective. Opening your mind is always a good thing. Give it a try in The Haim Dress.



Let down your guard and allow yourself to be vulnerable this month. Exposing your emotions to others can be scary  but so, so worth it. Wear your heart on your sleeve in The Juniper Dress.



Have you been avoiding something stressful? It’s time to dive into the problem head-on, Aquarius. Trust us, the only way out is through–and it might not be as bad as you think. Stay strong in The Jones Jumpsuit.



You have the tendency to put others first, but you deserve to give yourself the same attention you so readily give to others. Set clear boundaries this month to protect your heart and your energy. Celebrate you in The Margaux Dress.



Instead of piling more on your plate this month, try and take a deeper look at what you’re already dealing with. Foster old friendships or renew your dedication to a passion project. Dig in wearing The Preetma Pant.



Is stubborn Taurus getting…spiritual? Yup. Take a break from the material world around you and look inwards. Maybe even try meditating! Channel your inner flower child in The Macgraw Dress.



Figuring out what’s not working in your life is just as valuable as recognizing what is working. So take a hard look: What doesn’t feel right? What’s giving you anxiety about the future? Pay attention to the not-so-nice feelings, because they’re trying to point you in the right direction. Move forward in The Tamu Coat.



Hard on the outside and soft on the inside, Cancer crabs usually don’t like to admit to their emotions. September is the time to feel into your feelings, though. They’re there for a reason, and you’ve got something to learn from them. Get introspective in The Shiona Dress.



Nothing is ever just black and white, Leo, even though you’d love to believe there’s always a “right” choice (the one that you’ve made, obviously!). Let go of your need to be perfect and explore the grey areas of life this month. Relax in The Echo Dress.