This alternative bride found her bridal gown in an unexpected place: online.



As one does after an engagement announcement, I received many wedding magazines for inspiration. I flicked through pages upon pages with those gorgeous dresses you see with the corset, the French lace, the hand beading, the train the size of an actual train, the satin and the frill. As gorgeous as these were, not one stood out to me. I didn’t mark the pages, I didn’t even have the, “OMG, I love that one!” moment.

I remember thinking, “What’s wrong with me? Is this normal?”
I put a lot of pressure on myself to find a wedding dress. I went into a few dress stores and tried on some beautiful (and expensive) styles. Again, not one felt like I was being true to who I was. Even my own mother said I looked out of place!


After this experience I had a ‘face palm’ moment. What was I doing? I had looked at so many magazines and attended weddings which I thought I had to have. I realized that I was a non-traditional bride, the “modern bride” as some may label it.

Instead of looking at what the magazines showed me I could be wearing, I decided to draw a picture of the dress I could see myself in and went on the search to find it. Unknowingly, setting up a task that would take the longest to tick off my list.

I searched for this dress I had in mind and Could. Not. Find. It. Anywhere. Eurh!


I was burning through internet data researching and typing the word ‘simple wedding dress’ in Google what felt like a thousand times. Finding a simple and affordable (and I repeat, affordable) option seemed harder to come by than I had anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, I saw some very lovely options, they were just not me.

And yes, I looked at going to a dress maker though the cost and time left was proving to be a challenge.


I came across the Fame and Partners website. I was so impressed with the different options available and their admirable business model. The idea of a dress being made just as you order it and knowing another 100 like it were not it sitting in a warehouse somewhere, really appealed to me. I noticed you could pick a base dress you loved, customize it in color and/or features, hit ‘add to cart’ and it was delivered to your door step as you wanted it.


I browsed the Fame and Partners website a few times looking at all potential styles for my wedding dress, seeing if any were like the one I had drawn some 11 months ago.

And there it was.

They say there is a thing called ‘love at first sight’ and there really is. As soon as I saw the Maquino Dress, I knew it was the one.

Previous brides in my place bit their nails at the thought of buying a dress online that they had never tried on, but me? I bit the bullet. In keeping with the non-traditional wedding my partner and I had planned, I thought why not purchase a wedding dress in a non-conventional way?

The delivery day came shortly after ordering my dress and I raced home after work to position myself in front of the mirror. As some online purchases can go, I admittedly had chosen the wrong colour (went with white which was too optic for my skin) and the size was not quite right–I failed to trust the accurate sizing guide provided on the website. Feeling a bit deflated, I sent an email to the customer service team to explain my situation and within 2 weeks, my new dress in the color ivory, in a smaller size with additions of a subtle train had arrived in my hands. It was perfect! Everything I had pictured in my dress was there staring back at me. The customer service team at Fame and Partners were exceptional in handling this process and made it stress free.

Wedding dress – tick.


It’s so easy to be swept up into the “traditional” way of doing things. As beautiful as those wedding dresses in the magazines are, if they’re not you, then they’re not for you.


You can find more from Victoria on her Instagram. She’s wearing The Maquino, customized in Ivory. Photo credit: Christopher Robert Weddings.