Quiz: find your gown personality.


Wondering what kind of dress to wear to formal? Take our style quiz and find out what your gown personality is, then read on to find out which Fame styles suit you best!


Are you…

blog-img-01Her style is refined elegance at its best. While the Sophisticate doesn’t hesitate try new trends, she prefers a timeless approach–so those Instagram photos will still look of-the-moment years from now, of course.
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The True Romantic is no damsel in distress–she can create her own fairytale, thank you very much. Her story starts with the dress: sweet and feminine, with just the right amount of attitude.
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The free-spirited Bohemian is a woman that can’t be tamed. She has a romantic side a mile wide, and wears her wild heart on her ruffled sleeve.
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The Minimalist is a no-fuss kind of woman. She knows what works and keeps it simple. Her motto is “Less is more,” and she’s got the pared-down closet to prove it.
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She’s got a flair for the theatrical. The Glamouri is no stranger to full, sweeping skirts and dangerously plunging necklines–but don’t even think about calling her dramatic. It’s all style, darling.
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She’s not afraid to raise a few eyebrows–in fact, she prefers it. The Provocateur doesn’t play favorites–she’ll don a head-turning outfit no matter where she goes: the supermarket, the office, or the formal event of the season.
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Her fashion icons include Audrey Hepburn, Sofia Coppola, and Caroline Bessette-Kennedy; and though the Classically Inclined may be inspired by vintage style, she always adds just the right amount of modern.
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