The perfect cocktail dress for you, based on your favorite drink.


Do you have a go-to drink? Then we’ve got a dress for you! In honor of our new Evening Hours Collection–full of dresses just made for cocktail hour–we’ve put together a (in-no-way-definitive) guide to which dress you should be wearing, based on your signature drink order. What do you think; did we hit the mark?

Is your signature drink…

…Champagne? Check out The Republic.


Champagne is classic. It’s simple, elegant, and fuss-free–much like the Republic.

…a Pina Colada? Check out The Visby.


Feminine, fun, and on the verge of being too sugary, the Pina Colada screams, “I’m on vacation (or just want to pretend I am).” The Visby matches that dreamy, faraway vibe in the sweetest possible way.

…a Martini? Check out The Livinia.


You have a taste for the finer things in life, don’t you? The restrained glitz and glamour of the Livinia should suit you perfectly.

…a Margarita? Check out The Myra.

02-margarita-v2Is there anything better than a cold Margarita after a long day? This drink is like relaxation in a glass, and the Myra is like relaxation in a dress. Match made in heaven.

…a Whiskey Sour? Check out The Giza.


If you love a good Whiskey Sour, you’re young at heart and here to par-tay. Wear the Giza, Sour in hand, to bring out your sweet and playful side.

…an Old Fashioned? Check out The York.


Old Fashioned girl? You’ve got an air of quiet sophistication about you–and a penchant for vintage. Try the York; its velvety fabric is as smooth and sexy as your drink.

…a Cosmo? Check out The Avon.


The woman who orders a Cosmo is spontaneous, strong-willed, and above all, sexy. If you’re a Cosmo woman, the Avon is your dress.

Let’s raise a glass to good drinks and good dresses!