Get your October fashion horoscope now.


It’s officially Libra season! Here’s what the stars have in store for you and your closet this October.



The beginning of the month is all romance–whether that means lots of flirting or taking the next step in an existing relationship. The latter half of October, though, is all about you. Focus on your personal goals and you’ll start reaping the rewards come November. Channel that romantic energy in The Issa Dress.



This month is the perfect time look inside and get to know yourself a little better. What you find will help you reevaluate your personal goals in a way that prioritizes your happiness. Take it easy in The Fernanda Pant.



You’re at the beginning of a yearlong period of shift and accomplishment. A promotion or a career change might be on the horizon, and soon enough you’ll be getting major recognition for all your hard work. Shine bright in The Meni Skirt.



The key words for the month are home and community. Spend the beginning of October tending to your roots and making sure you feel grounded and safe in your space. By the end of the month, you’ll be craving companionship again. Chill out in The Millie Skirt.



October is a month of self-expression for Aquarians. Use your voice, make some art, or dedicate yourself to a personal project. If you focus on your passion, you’ll succeed. Express yourself in The Juniper Dress.



Now’s the time to focus on your relationships–family, friends, and romance. You may feel the need to express yourself more than usual, and you want to make sure you feel supported by the people in your life. The Darlo Dress is calling to you.



Work, work, work, work, work (sung in a Rihanna voice, duh). October’s vibe is perfect for teamwork, which could put you in the position to shine at the office. Just remember to share the spotlight, Aries! Look professional in The Helvin Pant.



This month brings the opportunity to explore your sexual side. If you’re single, partners will start coming out of the woodwork to compete for your attention. If you’re partnered up, then…you’ve got a lucky partner. 😉 Feel the vibe in The Beverly Dress.



Your month is shaping up to be incredibly productive, and you thrive as a multi-tasker. Your challenge will be to discern what projects are worthy of your attention and which ones will just add stress to your plate. Do it all in The Jones Jumpsuit.



No shame in staying home on a Friday night. You’re feeling like a homebody for most of October, and you should take advantage of the alone time. By the month’s end, you’ll be ready to be out and about again. Netflix and chill in The Kiko Kimono.



You live in (and for) the limelight, Leo, and this month is no exception. You’re in full-on party mode but are also focused on home life–so why not throw a house party? Be the hostess with the mostess wearing The Sakura Dress.



Money is the theme of the month for you, Virgo. Keep a close eye on your finances–just because more money is coming in doesn’t mean more money should be going out. Stay within budget in The Selah Corset–it’s under $130!