For moms on Mother’s Day: this doula says personal style is an act of self-care.


Being a mother often forces us to shift our energy and time toward those around us.


The people that make up our home and community stay at the forefront of our mind and this can leave us overextended and feeling empty in the self care category.
I dare ask the question, how much stress would be reduced if we spent more time on self care and less time worrying about the little things?
A smile that comes naturally and for no reason may light up our face and invite conversation when we might otherwise remain quiet. This confidence is contagious and inspiring to the people around you and your entire body will feel that shift in emotion and mood – emitting this incredible glow and positive attraction.
Think how you want your body to feel.
Adorn it with clothing that makes you feel beautiful.
Raise your chin up to the sky and affirm the feelings you long for.
Strength. Beauty. Joy.
Be bold in your choices and stay true to who you are.
Your children will grow and blossom right along with you.
You can find more from Kat @littlebirddoula or her site, Motherhood Rising. She is wearing The Aston Dress. Images by Tophography