The Modern Bridesmaids: classic silhouettes, statement-making style.


For the Modern Bridesmaid, simplicity is key–but so is feeling fabulous. A pop of color and subtle, unexpected details (like mismatched earrings) strike a balance that perfectly complements The Modern Bride.


As far as dresses, Modern Bridesmaids gravitate towards The Column in a striking shade of cobalt. Individual as they are, these ladies will customize their dresses with The Wedding Atelier App–what better way to show off personal style (while still looking cohesive, of course)? Ruffled hems, off-the-shoulder panels, and full-volume skirts supply extra flair.

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The Modern Bridesmaids’ accessories (metallics), hair (a tad severe), and makeup (bold) are the epitome of sleek and chic. Want the look?  Click here to download the full hair & makeup guides.