Meet the designer behind The Modern Evening Collection.


If you’ve peeked at The Modern Evening Collection, you know these are not your average evening gowns. The collection is a mash-up of inspirations: runway and couture, vintage sensibilities, influencers and celebrities, and (of course) our customers.


Want to meet the designer? Of course you do. Read on to get familiar with Lucy, Fame and Partners’  VP of Design and Merchandising.


FAME: What was the inspiration behind the collection?
LUCY: We’ve designed the collection around the different silhouettes and key details our customers love in an evening gown; ranging from fitted, sexy styles through to edgy cutouts, vintage-inspired slip dresses, and decadent ball gowns. We’ve then injected the silhouettes with trends like gingham prints, embroidery, and metallic fabrications. So it’s a nod to the ’20s, ’90s and a little ’80s.

FAME: What trends are you loving right now?
LUCY: The “new ball gown” is my favorite trend we’ve focused on. I think of it as an edgy, rebellious princess. The juxtaposition of styling a full-skirted gown with a tee underneath or with sneakers is the vibe we were going for–the opposite of predictable styling.

We’ve also focused on classic shapes with backless and split details, and have added ruffles, gathered tulle, and geometric straps as customizations.

FAME: What are your favorite pieces from Modern Evening, and why?
LUCY: The Claudie ball gown is key and I’m obsessed with the gingham print I created–seeing such a traditional woven pattern printed onto metallic taffeta is pretty fun. I love The Pisces‘ structured interpretation of a slip dress, and I’ve gone gaga for ball gowns and am obsessed with the metallic gold embroidery on The Nova. The custom spot tulle on The Gemini is super French-y chic, and the plunging neckline and pop of tulle on the shoulders of The Orion are a subtle ’80s influence.


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(P.S. You can shop her killer designs here.)