Meet the designer of The Anti-Fast Fashion Collection.


Meet Nolan Bellavance, the newest member of the Fame and Partners design team.


If you’re obsessed with the pieces in our Anti-Fast Fashion Shop, you have Nolan to thank. His first collection for the company is a first for us, as well: Nolan’s designs mark Fame’s first foray into contemporary, everyday items–and we’re pretty excited about it. Read on for more on his design process + his must-haves from the #AFF Shop.

Fame: How did you get into designing womenswear, and what do you love about creating clothing for women in particular?
Nolan: I grew up teaching myself how to draw, and my father was big on teaching me and my siblings how to build things, so the two kind of lent themselves to my appreciation for the architecture of clothing. I got into it after high school and was mentored by a really amazing designer in Canada before going to Parsons in New York.

I used to have my own company in New York, and I showed in New York Fashion Week–that high paced environment particularly made me love and appreciate creating clothing for women because it was so hands on, and I got to meet and work with so many amazing and powerful women. The appreciation of being able to build something that, in a purely individualistic form of expression, shows exactly who they are is what I love the most about what I do.


The Shea Top

Fame: Can you talk us through your design process a bit?
Nolan: Design process is so varied. I’m very focused on form and structure, but also color and texture–so when I see something that inspires me, I can usually squeeze something out of it that can be transformed into a new idea. But generally, when an idea comes, I sketch it out with the fabric in mind, and then envision how it will fall on the body, in a 360 degree approach, and once that’s all in place I focus in on the finishing details. Every aspect of it is incredibly meticulous, but that’s good design–everything should be considered!


The Walton Top, The Preetma Pant

Fame: What were your inspirations for the collection?
Nolan: There’s a lot of focus on nostalgia right now in the fashion industry, and in the retail markets as well–so we [the design team] were looking to some of our favorite sartorial expressions of the ’80s for inspiration: from Jerry Hall to Issey Miyake and karate; it’s pretty diverse.

Fame: What are your 5 favorite pieces from the collection?
Nolan: The Shea Top [above], The Walton Top, The Preetma Pant [above] The Celine Dress, The Marley Skirt [below].


The Marley Skirt, The Celine Dress

Fame: What kind of woman do you imagine wearing your designs?
Nolan: All kinds of women!


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