Meet Brian Ree: the man who founded every woman’s dream company, Daily Look Elite.


Daily Look Elite was one of the first companies we thought of when deciding who to partner with for our INSIDE\OUT Sweepstakes (have you entered yet?!)–and not just because they carry Fame and Partners. 😉

We love Daily Look because they make women’s lives easier (and chicer): every month, one of their stylists sends you a box of clothing, shoes, and accessories curated specifically for you. You keep what you love, and send back what you don’t. Basically, Daily Look is every busy woman’s dream–so we were a little surprised to learn there was a man at the helm.


Meet Brian Ree. He’s an entrepreneur, a father to a new baby girl, and dedicated to empowering women through fashion. That’s our kinda man!

Fame and Partners: Explain the concept behind Daily Look, and why it was important to you to create a styling service for women.
Brian Ree: Originally, our concept was a daily email that featured a head to toe outfit styled by a personal stylist, and available for purchase with just one click. Eventually, we evolved to testing the concept of sending the entire outfit to clients to try on at home for 5 days and it worked really well and customers loved the concept even more, and that’s how DL Elite was born. It was important because I thought there was to much product and fashion available in the marketplace, and at the end of the day, it’s not about the brands that create your look, it’s how you put your look together that makes you look and feel great. I struggled with this myself and saw that both male and female friends suffered from difficulty in self styling. I picked women as a category because I thought it was a larger market and I had some friends in women’s apparel manufacturing.


F&P: You went from poker to jewelry to styling–how did your interests as a CEO and businessman evolve?
BR: I’ve always loved to build businesses, pursue new ideas, and innovate. Working on building an idea into reality is incredibly challenging, yet rewarding. ]

F&P: When you started Daily Look, how did you determine which brands to work with? What kind of brands do you look for now when picking new partners?
BR: I look for brands that are a great fit with our core client, which is a late twenties and up modern metropolitan woman who values her time and convenience.


F&P: What kind of women do you imagine opening your Daily Look Elite box each month?
BR: She’s in her late twenties, thirties, or early forties, she’s very busy and doesn’t have much time to go shopping. She lives near a major city and has a busy lifestyle with friends, family, or career.

F&P: As the CEO of a company with a predominantly female customer base, how do you stay abreast of the trends in womenswear, and in women’s lives in general? How do you address their wants and needs?
BR: Our team is made up of amazing talented women who I trust to make great decisions to add value into our client’s lives.

F&P: What are you reading right now?
BR: I recently had my first baby girl, so I’m reading a book called “How to Talk so Kids will Listen”. It’s a great book on communication skills and the funny thing is I think I’ve learned how to communicate better with my wife as well because of it!

F&P: If you could have dinner with any three women, dead or alive, who would they be?
BR: Mother Theresa, Marylyn Monroe, My Wife Yuki


F&P: What does your closet look like?
BR: Well organized by category and color. My clothes are spread out though in 2 separate rooms since I don’t have a walk in closet in my bedroom. I actually try not to buy too much clothes. Men just need high quality basics since the fashion doesn’t change that much. I like to play with the belt and shoes to add my personal style, but stick to a nice quality collared shirt and tailored sport coat.

F&P: How do you nourish yourself inside and out?
BR: I try to do different types of workouts weekly and rotate between hill climbs, yoga, pilates, interval circuit training, and mindfulness meditation. I try to eat healthy during the week and splurge on weekends.

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