The makeup tutorial: how to achieve that Boho glow, step-by-step.


Attention, Bohemian Brides: we’ve created the perfect makeup look for your big day; the keywords are “simple” and “glowing.”

Full disclosure: no need to wait for your wedding day to recreate this vibe! The looks-natural-but-it’s-not-actually-natural makeup is so easy, you can make it work for a regular Monday, too.

Here’s how get the look, step-by-step.


P.S. For more about the Boho Bride’s look, download the full 20+ page guide here.



STEP ONE: Moisturize skin.

STEP TWO: Mix foundation with a light liquid bronzer and apply.
PRO TIP: This will create a beautiful, golden glow!
STEP THREE: Apply illuminator just above the cheekbones.
STEP FOUR: Dab illuminator on the forehead.
STEP FIVE: Dab illuminator on the chin.
STEP SIX: Curl lashes.
STEP SEVEN: Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.
STEP EIGHT: Buff bronzer powder into the cheeks.
STEP NINE: Buff bronzer powder into the bridge of the nose.
STEP TEN: Apply concealer under the eyes.
STEP ELEVEN: Apply a peach cream blush to the apples of cheeks.
STEP TWELVE: Dust a pink shadow on lids.
STEP FOURTEEN: Dab illuminator on the eyelids.
STEP FIFTEEN: Dab illuminator above the cheekbones.
STEP SIXTEEN: Dab illuminator on the bridge of the nose.
STEP SEVENTEEN: Brush brows up and fill in to define.
STEP EIGHTEEN: Apply a nude pink lip color.
STEP NINETEEN: Set the T-zone and under eye area with blotting powder.