Life-changing skincare secrets from our fave beauty and wellness entrepreneurs.


If you’re familiar with our interview series More Than Just A…, where we highlight women in business who are “more than just a pretty face,” you know that Fame and Partners has unearthed some amazing style and business advice from these fierce female entrepreneurs to share with our readers. An unexpected treat? We’ve actually managed to rack up some life-changing skincare secrets, too!

Here’s how the busiest business women we know manage to keep their skin glowing strong.


Jasmine wears the Cliff Jumpsuit

Jasmine Garnsworthy, founder of natural skincare brand The Buff, on how she transformed her acne-prone skin:
“I had really bad acne in my mid-20s and it kind of came out of nowhere. I couldn’t work out what it was from. First of all, I tried a bunch of different drugs and they didn’t work. I went to an herbalist and she helped me get on a diet that was a microbiome diet, and also to balance my hormones, and that really helped. While she did that, she also suggested I start using more natural skincare and the combination of those things made a really big difference to my skin.”

…and on what three products every woman needs in her bathroom cabinet:
“Definitely a face oil with maybe a jojoba base–jojoba is such a crowd-pleaser, it’s really easily absorbed into the skin. Jojoba actually mimics the skin’s natural sebum production, so it really penetrates deeply and easily. It’s really beautiful.

I’m obsessed with apple cider vinegar for everything, so I would say an apple cider vinegar-based toner, and probably a charcoal face mask. A charcoal face mask is really good because it draws out impurities, it’s natural. Find a mask that is a dry powder and you add water to it, rather than getting a wet face mask or a sheet mask. If [the mask] already has water in it, they’ve added a lot of preservatives to stop bacteria from growing in the mask. But if you have dry mask, it’s normally much more pure because they don’t have to worry about it sitting for a long period of time.”


Nannette wears the Charmian Dress

Nannette de Gaspé, who has an eponymous skincare line, on her daily skincare routine:
“For me, I really believe in exfoliation. With the masks, I say exfoliate, use a toner, and put on the mask–it’s better than a facial! I like to exfoliate a couple times a week because it keeps your skin healthy and fresh. I start my day by exfoliating, then I often will do a facial cleanser wipe. I believe in layering, so what I’ll do is put on a Vitamin C serum–if it’s in the winter in Montreal, I may put on another serum, an anti-aging serum. Then I put on a day cream, then usually I put a tinted moisturizer on top that has sun protection. I never go out of the house without sun protection.

At night, I do a similar routine but instead of a serum, I put a retinol cream on, and then I put a night cream on. And of course, I wear my masks!”

…and on her favorite Nannette de Gaspé Beauty mask:
“OK, so as of now, my favorite is my Youth Revealed face mask, because I see what it does for my skin. For me, where you see aging is the neck, the lip area, and the hands. I’m extra-paranoid about that. I have a full face mask, a hand mask, a neck mask. So for me, if I feel like I’ve been flying a lot and am dehydrated, I’ll start to see some lines on the lip area. When I wear the mask, I see the lines have disappeared.”


Kelly wears a custom Candella Dress

Celebrity nutritionist Be Well By Kelly on how to fight acne from the inside out:
“Pull the dairy, pull the gluten, add Omega-3s–so a fish oil or an algae-based Omega-3 only, not seed or nut based. Add leafy greens to feed the healthy gut bacteria in your gut–the reason you’re breaking out probably has to do with bad bacteria in the gut.”

…and on what vitamins will support healthy skin, hair, and nails:
“Make sure you have enough Vitamin D, have enough iron, and I would say Omega-3s are really good too. E vitamins. Biotin.”


Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari of wellness podcast That’s So Retrograde on their best overall wellness advice:
STEPH: Hydrate. They’re both free!