Le Labo x Fame and Partners: the Classic Bride’s perfume.


At Fame and Partners, we love making things that are just for you. That’s why we teamed up with Le Labo; they craft custom fragrances, and now they’re helping us match their scents to dresses from our Bespoke Bridal Collection.

Le Labo believes that fine perfumery must create a shock–the shock of the new, combined with the shock of the intimately familiar. For the Classic Bride, they suggest LYS 41.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.00.45 PM

LYS 41 is an overwhelming white floral. The blend of jasmine, tuberose absolute, and lily is bewitching in its noble, warm and sunny approach–and yet, treacherous once its web of noble woods, vanilla Madagascar, and musks is unearthed. LYS 41 rewards those looking for a statement with an addictive floral buzz.

A memorable, floral fragrance, LYS 41 is the perfect accent for the Classic Bride.


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