KOSTEN: the insta-famous photog behind The Modern Evening campaign.


For our Modern Evening campaign, we teamed up with Insta-worthy photographers to create images that evoke the essence of a city: you know, that buzzy, heady feeling you get when wandering the lit-up streets of NYC at night. Kosten, who created the five images featured below, was our dream collaborator–his gorgeous, gritty cityscapes were exactly the vibe we were going for.


Do you love his images as much as we do? Read on to get to know the man behind the camera.


Describe yourself in one sentence.
KOSTEN: Nomadic artist establishing worldwide acknowledgment.

FAME: Much of your work is in New York–what about the city is so compelling? Which neighborhoods continue to hold your gaze?
KOSTEN: The fact I walk the grounds of hundreds years of history really drives me to photograph the city in a timeless way. New York City changes everyday and I want to document it for as long as I possibly can. Any neighborhood that hasn’t been taken over by shopping malls and contemporary architecture gets my attention in New York. It’s a feeling I can’t really describe to see a building that’s been around for a while and just has the gritty NYC feeling.


FAME: How did you discover photography and develop your personal aesthetic?
KOSTEN: I always knew about photography but it wasn’t until 2014 when I started photographing on my iPod touch. I absolutely loved the idea of creating images and editing them to a certain style. It reminded me of coming up with a name to write on walls and figuring out my handstyle. Growing up I was interested in skateboarding and graffiti. The two have been a great influence in developing my photography style still to this day.

FAME: Which photographers do you admire?
KOSTEN: My dad photographs his daily commute everyday of his life and for as long as I can remember he’s been showing me the images he takes. It’s hard not to admire that.


FAME: What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?
KOSTEN: Some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow are @transmental, @night.shift, & @maxleitner.

FAME: How do you believe social media/Instagram has affected your art and career?
KOSTEN: Instagram has been the startup to my photography career. It helped me surpass ever having to get a degree and brought me to a level of influence that has given me creative freedom on projects with major brands across the world. I cannot be more grateful for what social media and this app has done for me so far.



FAME: What do you do when you’re not behind the camera?
KOSTEN: When I’m not behind a camera I’m usually maintaining my brand or writing graffiti. Photography is a daily process. 120% of my available time almost always goes to my building my craft.