Just launched: the Evening Hours collection.


Cocktail hour just got a whole lot cooler, thanks to our brand new Evening Hours collection. It’s full  of cocktail dresses (and jumpsuits and two-piece sets) that epitomize effortless elegance–dresses that look way more pulled-together than they actually are. Consider it a collection for girls looking for low-effort, high-impact fashion. (And isn’t that all of us?)

Check out the full collection here. Want the highlights? Read on!

The York


The York is the quintessential LBD–except it’s velvet. This will be the most comfortable party dress you’ll ever own.

The Havana


For those nights when you just wanna be a knock-out, go for the Havana. Trust us.

The Ramona


Are you a cautious shopper? The Ramona is your dress. It’s sexy and classic and will definitely stand the test of time.

The Maquino

maquinoThe Maquino is just like your favorite robe, but it’s actually acceptable to wear out in public.