4 outfits that prove customization can completely change your look.


The fact that you landed on this blog post probably means you’re familiar with Fame and Partners and our raison d’être: personalization and customization. (Not familiar? Every single piece on our site is customizable in four ways and available in up to 25 different colors.)

Here’s the thing about customizing our clothing, though: sometimes our pieces are so cute to begin with, you guys don’t even take the time to explore how you could be tweaking each piece to make it more you. So we wanted to show exactly how customization can completely change your look, thanks to four of our fave fashion bloggers.

ONE. @kaelin_fox in The Marisa Dress.


Kaelin switched this ’60s-inspired dress from Navy to Blush–and it suits her skin tone perfectly. Customize your version.

TWO. @simplyjules_ in The Charriere Top.


Julia wasn’t feeling the millennial pink vibes, so she chose a black and white pinstripe pattern instead–and ditched the extra sleeve. Customize your version.

THREE. @biancamelb in The Mislin Coat.


Bianca’s an Aussie, so our summer is her winter. She customized the Mislin Coat accordingly, adding sleeves for that winter warmth. Customize your version.

FOUR. @brendawasylucha in The Maritza Dress.


There’s a limit to how many ruffles Brenda will wear, so she opted out of the ruffled sleeves. Customize your version.

This is just the beginning. Start creating your signature look here.