In honor of Get Organized Week, here’s some serious closet inspo.


If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly organizing and reorganizing your wardrobe…only for it to end up as more of a “floordrobe” after a string of indecisive mornings. In honor of Get Organized Week, we’re really trying to keep our clothes in tip-top shape, with a few takeaways from these (insanely beautiful) celeb closets.

Chrissy Teigen’s closet.


  • Group similar colors and similar items (e.g. all blazers together, all tan boots) together. It’ll make your closet seem more serene and less chaotic.

Jessica Alba’s closet.


  • Save space by displaying your shoes with one facing frontwards and one facing backwards, and by installing wall hooks to hold your hats (freeing up more shelves for shoes!).

Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s closet.


  • Treat your most-loved items like the artworks they are–bags and shoes make great decor!

Lauren Conrad’s closet.


  • A coat rack is key for making your go-to items easily accessible. No walk-in closet required. 😉

Nanette Lepore’s closet.


  • If you have the space, turn your closet into a luxurious lounge complete with velvet seating and Renaissance artwork. Because, why not?

Alright…who’s inspired to conquer the floordrobe? 💪


(images via The Coveteur, Elle Decor, and InStyle)