“In 2017, we shouldn’t be afraid of breaking gender barriers.”


milex2x2Hey guys! It’s Milex from milexxx.com. I’m a fashion/lifestyle influencer, stylist, make-up artist, student and mainly full-time blogger @milexr.

My style is androgynous in a huge way and I love to combine womenswear into menswear. I do not have any  barriers when it comes to choose what I wear, only my imagination. I would describe my style as edgy, surprising, and personal.


My main goal is to inspire people not to be afraid of being themselves. You can wear anything you like, as long as it works for you and your body. For example, I usually wear platform shoes because I am quite small and Buffalos help me to add some drama to my looks.  In 2017 we should not be afraid of breaking gender barriers.


While there are tons of different ways to be original, my first advice is: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Figuring out what you don’t like is always the first step. It makes it easier to find out what you do like and what works for you. The best accessory to any outfit is confidence and to have confidence you need to know your body and what you like to wear, which anybody can accomplish with a  little bit of experimentation and fun with styling. Fashion should be a fun part of your day and something that describes you without saying a world. Just think how many time each day you have an opinion on anyone by just having one look? Ask yourself how you would like to be received by others.


You can find more from Milex on his blog and his Instagram. He’s wearing the Kiko Kimono.





The Kiko Kimono, The Shibuya Shirt & The Viva Skirt, The Pablo Pant & The Penn Shirt