Find your prints charming.


OK, “prints charming” is a little cheesy–but can you blame us? We’re in the thick of formal season–for all you American readers, that’s Australian prom season–and we can’t help but imagine what gown we’d wear for the big night if we could do it all over again.


If you’re getting ready for formal (or an adult version of formal, like a gala or charity ball), take our advice: don’t play it safe. While a solid gown might be classic and time-tested, wouldn’t you rather have a little fun with fashion? We suggest:

The Martiza


Polka dots, ruffles, and a thigh-high slit. This gown’s got it all. Shop the look.

The Juniper


A dark floral print and a sexy, off-one-shoulder fit make this a daring pick. Shop the look.

The Claudie


What do you get when you mix the year’s biggest print with the year’s biggest color? This pink gingham ballgown. Shop the look.

The Valentina


A sleek, simple shape contrasted with bright, bold flowers. Shop the look.

The Kismet


Two parts sweets (the poufy skirt, the floral print); one part sexy (the choker). Shop the look.

The Gemini


This dress is a two-in-one: Wear it long for pictures and let the mini shine on the dance floor. Shop the look.