December 2018 fashion horoscopes are here! Here’s what to expect (and wear) this month.


With every new month comes a new energy; and in December, that’s the energy of Sagittarius–AKA, major travel and adventure vibes. Here’s what the stars have in store for you and your closet this month.



Happy birthday, Sag! Cosmically, December will be your best month of 2017. With Venus (the planet of love) entering your sign and Saturn (the taskmaster planet) leaving, your immediate future is full of flirting, falling in love, and letting loose. Live it up in the Demarco Dress.



It’s hibernation time for Caps. Spend the month tying up loose ends and focusing on self-care–because 2018 is going to be your year, and you need to be ready. Keep cozy in the velvet Caroline Dress.



This December, you’ll be getting busy–in all senses of the word. You social calendar is shaping up to be full of festive parties, everyone in your life will be clamoring for time with you, and yes, the stars are aligning to bring you love (or at least a winter fling). The Tawney Playsuit is just your vibe.



The month ahead is one of work, work, work, work, work. From climbing the corporate ladder to networking at holiday parties to finally completing a long-term goal, the energy is just right to set you up for success. The Viola Set strikes the right balance between professional and playful.



The theme of the month is passion, Aries! You’re a tour de force right now, and can accomplish anything you set yuor mind to before the month is out. Feel that fiery energy in the Sienna Dress.



Not to be cheesy, but love is in the air for you this December, Taurus. You’re feeling sensual and seductive–so if you’re single, swipe through Tinder and if you’re attached, take things to the next level. Feel super sexy in the Siggy Dress.



December 3rd’s full moon in Gemini means that the month is going to be full of opportunities for you–especially financially. If you play your cards right, your big earning streak could last all the way into 2020! Reach for the extra-luxe Charmian Dress.



The Mercury Retrograde from December 3rd – 22nd is coming for you, Cancer. Be careful with signing new contracts, launching new projects, and even sending out emails. An accidental “Reply All” situation could happen to you! Try to relax in The Beattie Dress.



The holiday season is Leo’s time to shine: you love the presents, the parties, and being the center of attention at said parties. Stay humble though–December is also a great time for you to put behind-the-scenes work into a passion project. The Sawyer Dress is the sexy-playful-high-fashion dress of your dreams.



Take a break, Virgo! This month, you’ll feel compelled to focus on home and family–which is what the holiday season is all about, right? This “settled down” energy translates into your love life too, so you might be making a big commitment by the month’s end. The ruffled Kye Dress suits your romantic mood.



This month, Libras will be all go-go-go! You might be hit with a travel bug or brainstorm a brand-new, money-making scheme for the New Year. Whatever you decide to focus on, you’re bound to have fun. Be bold in the Collins Dress.



You’re going a little stir-crazy this month, Scorpio, and looking to shake things up a bit. This could mean making a major move, quitting your job, or even breaking up with a partner. Change is a good thing! Have fun with it in the Ellis Jumpsuit.