Meet Lacey, the Fame and Partners designer behind your favorite floral dress.


Have you seen what’s new on lately? Your entire Summer 2017 wardrobe is here, from fresh florals for weekend BBQs to cool cocktail wear for your next party–and you’ve got our designer Lacey to thank for that.

Lacey is the always-laughing ray of sunshine of the Fame and Partners design team–and we thought you should probably get to know her.  WARNING: By the end of this interview, you’ll wish she was your new BFF.




FAME: How did you go about designing the Summer 2017 collection?
I started the process knowing that the mood and theme of the collection were to be in two parts: The first one was “cocktail” and the second was “floral summer dresses.”

I designed the cocktail first and was inspired by all kinds of evening events, from work functions to first dates to girls’ nights out. This collection has a clean and simple color palette, with hints of dots and lace, and is filled with tons of interesting design details and silhouettes.

The floral dresses were like a dream to sketch–I must have created over fifty floral prints in various color combinations; it was like creating a garden that you just wanted to run through. I was immediately inspired by relaxed moments, flowy dresses, walking through the grass or on the sand.

I think a lot of vacations and excursions are planned in the summer months, and I really wanted these dresses to make a woman feel like she does when she’s on vacation–relaxed, effortless, beautiful, renewed, and full of hope.


The Gypset Dress, The Silverlake Jumpsuit

FAME: What are your five favorite Fame pieces?
LACEY: The Gypset Dress: This is one I will be wearing all summer–easy, casual elegance that goes from day-to-night seamlessly.
The Silverlake Jumpsuit: This jumpsuit feels like I should dancing all night long in the ’70s. Polka Dots. Ruffles. Sexy. Fun.
The Venice Dress: If I could go back to my wedding weekend and do my rehearsal dinner look again, THIS is the dress I would wear!
The Cliff Jumpsuit: It’s a dress… It’s a jumpsuit… It’s so much fun. And sexy as hell.
The Juniper Dress: I’m just dying to find an event to wear this to… Worst case, I will wear it in my kitchen, in my bare feet, while cooking some amazing Italian meal. I would be just as happy either way.


The Cliff Jumpsuit, The Venice Dress, The Juniper Dress

FAME: What kind of woman do you imagine wearing your designs?
LACEY: All kinds. Everybody. Every body. Women on vacation, bare faced and sun tanned. Women at a function, like a guest at a summer wedding. Women just taking a leisurely stroll down the street for breakfast on a sunny Saturday morning with their family or friends.


The Blossom Dress

FAME: Which Fame pieces are in your closet (or will be soon)?
LACEY: I am personally and passionately so excited to simply throw on my cognac-colored, leather, strappy sandals and The Blossom Dress, with my minimal every-day heirloom jewelry and air-dried hair, and hop on the water taxi in Poros, Greece. I will be there with my family at the end of the month, and I can see this vision in my mind so clearly, that I can almost reach out and touch it, before I am even there.

You can shop all of Lacey’s designs here and here.