It’s Equal Pay Day–take 21% off EVERYTHING.



equal pay day

Friends and fashion followers,

I write this to you on Equal Pay Day, a day that symbolizes how far into the year women have to work in order to earn as much as men did in the previous calendar year. In 2017, the average gender wage gap in the United States falls between 18% – 21%–which, frankly, is unacceptable – especially when the gap is significantly steeper for Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native, minority and trans women.

I built Fame and Partners on the belief that women deserve more: more choices, more power, more brands that truly advocate for their needs. We advocate for women’s rights on a daily basis, and on Equal Pay Day we’re using our platform to raise awareness for gender inequality in the workplace–after all, awareness is the first step towards righting injustice.

For one day only, each piece on will be 21% off in representation of the 2017 wage gap.

As you may know, Fame and Partners never goes on sale–as a made-to-order, on-demand label that never mass produces its garments or carries stock, we don’t need to. Instead, we offer lower prices upfront without having to ‘bake in’ the markdowns (which is sadly the standard practice in the retail industry).

Hosting our first-ever flash sale is a big deal–but we felt it was necessary in order to raise awareness for women’s wage equality and the meaning behind Equal Pay Day.

In addition to marking down every single item by 21%, Fame and Partners will donate $5 of every sale to women’s empowerment projects around the world, including funding programs with UN Women that help end violence against women in Papua New Guinea and Plan International, which provides sanitary supplies for girls in Uganda. With each purchase, Fame and Partners hopes to create a cycle of women empowering women and give each customer a chance to dress up, give back and empower another woman.

I’d like to encourage you all to take more concrete action against the wage gap, as well. You can find more information on which state representatives to contact and specific state and federal actions to take here, courtesy of the AAUW.

Let’s fight the wage gap–and look fierce while doing so. Click here to shop the Equal Pay Day flash sale.

Warm wishes,

Nyree Corby
CEO & Founder