Guest blogger Monroe Steele on eco-friendly fashion and the R words.



Fame & Partners Merille Two Piece | No. 21 Mules

I’ve always been the type of girl to try to do my part to save the earth. I think all those recycle, reduce, reuse commercials that ran constantly on the television when I was young, really engrained taking care of our planet within me. It physically bothers me when I witness people littering. New York City is dirty enough without adding our own garbage to the mix. I’ve been recycling since I was 10 years old. When I was younger and living in my hometown of North Carolina we had blue recycling bins to put our plastics in to be picked up once a week. I made my way around the house everyday making sure to collect all the bottles and plastics. I took pride in that and it just stuck. I continue to recycle to this day. In fact I just walked down five flights of stairs to recycle my 3 plastic Hazelnut Creamer containers (I’m a coffee addict) and 2 empty bottles of Merlot. Recycling is one of the ways I’m saving the planet.


In addition to recycling I love buying from brands that believe in less waste and recycling as well. I am a huge Nepresso fan and have my own machine that I use daily to make coffee daily. I love that Nespresso gives you a wonderful bag to recycle your coffee pods. Many makeup brands will give you a discount or free product if you return empty product bottles and/or cases for re-use such as M.A.C. Fame and Partners are a wonderful ethical brand being that their pieces are made to order which means there’s no mass production and thus there is less waste. Not only do you get to customize your pieces to perfection but you can help save the planet. I also love that $5 of each sale of a Fame and Partners piece goes towards funding a women’s empowerment charity.


The last way I save the planet is by allowing clothing to have longevity. It’s easy to throw out a pair of shoes you don’t like anymore, or a top that doesn’t quite fit like it used to but donating is a great way to give back and reduce waste. I donate clothing yearly to Goodwill Industries and Salvation Army. Not only do I donate yearly but I also love shopping at local vintage and thrift shops. Clothing can always have a long life and everything doesn’t deserve to be thrown away. One man’s trash is certainly another man’s treasure. I hope you’re doing your part to save the planet in your own way. This earth is the only one we have.



You can find more from Monroe on her blog and Instagram. She’s wearing The Merille Two Piece.


Shown: The Merille Two Piece, The Tatum Dress, The Liesel Two Piece

 The Merille Two Piece, The Tatum Dress, The Liesel Two Piece