Classic Makeup: your guide to the timeless look.


The Classic Bride isn’t one to let anything distract from her dress–after all, she’s been dreaming about it for years. Instead, her makeup is the icing on the cake. A light smokey-eye and neutral lip never go out of style (just like our Classic Bride), so give it a try even if you’re not tying the knot anytime soon. Ready to keep it classic? Watch our tutorial below.


STEP ONE: Moisturize skin.
STEP TWO: Curl lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.
STEP THREE: Apply eye primer to the lids.
STEP FOUR: Dust a light, neutral-toned shadow all over the lids.
STEP FIVE: Dust a soft, brown shadow on lids and blend in.
STEP SIX: Line the top and bottom lash lines with a brown Kohl pencil.
STEP SEVEN: Brush brows up and fill in to define.
STEP EIGHT: Apply a sheer foundation and buff into face and neck.
STEP NINE: Apply concealer under the eyes.
STEP TEN: Contour the hollows of the cheeks and dust the apples of cheeks with blush.
STEP ELEVEN: Blend any hard edges.
STEP TWELVE: Apply a neutral lip tone.
STEP THIRTEEN: Set the T-zone and under eye area with blotting powder.