Chloe Forever <3



Chloe Sevigny. The name alone is enough to conjure up thoughts of her signature style—a sign that she’s reached full-on fashion icon status. Her knack for putting together the most perfectly-imperfect ensembles is one we admire and envy at the same time. We couldn’t copy her look if we tried; probably because most of what she wears is a mix of thrift store finds and covetable designer duds that would be, to say the least, pretty hard to get our hands on.

We’re dedicating our #wcw to this style maven, because who else can make a sequined leotard and a purple feather boa seem like style #goals? It’s no wonder she’s been tapped for sooo many design collaborations with majors like Opening Ceremony and Jimmy Choo (to name a few). Just one of the many reasons why Chloe is our forever ‘IT’ girl.
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