What went down BTS: Inka edition.


Inka Williams, in all of her baby-faced perfection, is basically incapable of taking a bad picture. Want proof? Take a peek behind the scenes of our Gown Collection campaign shoot. Here's everything that went down, from getting glam to "It's a wrap." Is it just us, or did Inka make the peace sign pose cool again?! Cheers, FAME

The secret to Georgia Fowler’s effortless look.

If anyone has perfected the art of effortless-af personal style, it's Georgia Fowler. The It model knows what she likes and what works–but don't think that means she doesn't shake things up once in a while. What's her secret? A closet full of style staples (like the dresses from our It Girl Collection) and an adventurous attitude. Read on for ...