BTS: Thrifts and Threads (AKA Brittany Xavier) Does High Summer



Last week we had the pleasure of working on something fun and exciting that totally amped up our summer vibes. The setting: an old-school part of Los Angeles called Hancock Park. It’s a lush, tree-lined neighborhood dotted with some of the most classic Spanish-style homes in all of California. The house we hung out in for the day came equipped with a turquoise pool full of whimsical floaties and blindingly bright AstroTurf—all the better for sunbathing, of course.

We partnered up with none other than Brittany Xavier of the successful fashion blog Thrifts & Threads. She might look familiar; that would be because she’s appeared on nearly every must-read style site the internet has to offer. Now get to know her as the ultimate F&P Style Icon—one who’s redefined the art of mix-and- match.

Consider us inspired.

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