Bronwyn Newport teaches you how to wear ruffles.



I still remember the first time I felt transformed by the right outfit! I was a little girl and my party dress (ruffles and all) helped seal my dreams of being a princess. Imagine my happiness when ruffles burst on to every runway, and my childlike dreams of wearing them everyday finally came true!
Ruffles used to be for little girls, now they’re for fashionable girls! The historically childlike detailing has gotten a high fashion revamp, and dominated the scene lately. Grown up, polished and chicer than ever ruffles add the emotion you’re looking for. Feminine, girly, chic, bad ass, whimsical, fun, put together – ruffles are truly a chameleon. It is definitely my current go-to to amp up everyday dressing and special occasions alike. As someone who loves to be bold, unique and even a bit quirky (while still not embarrassing my husband, daughter or losing my job), I am especially happy when a trend is applicable in so many ways. Ruffles are the best option for all the “lives” I lead each day! I can be respectable at work, an appropriate mom at school, and as chic and quirky as I love to be all at once!
Now, how do incorporate these ruffles I adore so much?
First and foremost: ruffles should be the focal point of your outfit. Until you are a ruffle master, make the ruffled piece the centerpiece of your ensemble. As your flouncy confidence grows, it can be a fantastic base for adding layers, color, and even other textures! A great ruffled item will elevate any outfit, but will look especially crisp when paired with great fitting basics.
SHOPPING TIP: When looking at ruffles you want to look for quality in structure. Avoid ruffles that look limp, too long, or made of a flimsy material. Drama (this time, the good kind) comes from the right structure and the way the ruffle falls against your silhouette!
Now how to style them for every day, in so many ways…
  • This season give your basic maxi dresses a rest. Those overworked closet staples deserve it! Ruffled frocks are daytime ready with minimal other accessories! These dresses have just the right amount of whimsy. For spring I am loving ruffled dress in unusual colors paired with a tough transitional piece like leather, or biker boots! As the weather warms, all you need to slip on in addition to these warm weather staples is some chic sandals, and your signature perfume!
  • Don’t be work-week weary: try a ruffled pant in place of your basic black suit pants. The drama down below pairs nicely with great pumps, a perfect tailored blazer and any office gossip you’ve got! Adding character to your office watercooler look can also come from a ruffled skirt. A simple shirt, and any of the ballet flats I am craving this Spring are the perfect compliment to that lunch meeting you’ve got!! Streamlining your work horse pieces with the subtle drama of a ruffled bottom has kept me feeling like myself, even when work does its darnedest to stifle my creativity with dress codes, and sitting at a desk all day! Looking polished is actually easier with a well placed ruffle. The feminine touch in juxtaposition to more masculine office staples couldn’t be more fun! My favorite ruffle pairings for the 9-5 grind are pencil skirts, and simple blazers. To up the wow factor: try a menswear staple (brogues, striped french cuff shirts, even a tie) paired back to a feminine, soft ruffled piece!
  • On weekends you can almost always find me sporting my favorite jeans de rigueur, whether that be cropped flares, super skinnies, or even baggy boyfriend jeans with a ruffled top and this seasons other IT item… embellished loafers. Crisp, carefree and pulled together yet comfortable all the way.
  • The last way I love to incorporate ruffles is for a night out. Evening can really bring out the drama, no LBD necessary!  Nothing says sexy night out like adding a surprisingly placed ruffle. A sizable one; accentuating an off the shoulder piece, a long ruffled hemline, or even  – my obsession – an exaggerated ruffled sleeve is what my dreams are made of, pun intended! In this look, you are going for an element of quirkiness, and a bold look. The bigger, more colorful or texted ruffle the better! Your LRD (yes, I am coining that phrase now) can be soft and alluring, dramatic, or even playful, lending to all kinds of shoe and makeup pairings to best fit all your upcoming weddings, date nights and parties!
You can find more from Bronwyn on her blog and Instagram. She’s wearing The Sasha.