BEAUTY HOW-TO: stained lips + mega highlight.



bts5Jealous of our model’s mega-highlight and just-bitten lip color? Yeah, we were too. So we tracked down makeup artist Mel Daniel to show us how she did it. Turns out, this look isn’t only super pretty, it’s also super simple. Read on for the product list + tutorial.


“Because we were using the floral arrangements, I had a feeling that it would be really romantic. The dresses were so structured that I kind of wanted the hair to be a little bit undone, as well as the skin. And so I just kept the skin very moisturized and focused on the high points of the face. I used RMS Living Luminizer and Weleda Skin Food on the high points and areas that need TLC–areas that can get red from allergies, the wind blowing, etc. Weleda Skin Food really helps to just nourish the skin and create that shine.











“And then the lip, I just wanted it to look almost stained, a little bit undone as well. It’s not outlined, it’s not lined at all. It looks a bit feathered on the outside. On the inside of the lips I used Chanel Rouge Noir, and on the outsides is Pink Plaid by MAC.
















“There’s no blush on the cheek, just a really natural brow. I just brushed it up, nothing overdone at all.

“For her hair, I just wanted to enhance the texture that she already has. I used Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Volumizing Powder just on the roots to give it a little bit more volume. With a larger barrel curling iron, I loosely curled the hair to match her texture and smoothed away fly-aways.”




And that’s it! Who’s trying this look ASAP? 🙋🏼




Photographer: Sisilia Piring
Model: Anastasia Murray
Hair and Make Up Artist: Mel Daniel
Floral Designer: Dara Paquette