The fashion campaign that’s *actually* empowering women all over the world.



Australian artist Dina Broadhurst creates feminine, sensual, sexual work that poses the question, “What is beautiful?” The answer almost always points to the chaotic beauty of a woman’s inner world and, for this reason, we knew Dina would be the ultimate partner for the INSIDE\OUT Collection.

The collection–in itself a gorgeous selection of evening wear–serves to launch an empowerment initiative close Fame and Partners’ heart. Now, $5 of every single sale will be donated to women’s empowerment charities all over the world through collaborations with UN Women, Plan International, and Akilah. In this way, we’re making fashion that stands for something and celebrating the power of women, inside and out.

The results of our collaboration with Dina, a stunning mix of photography and collage, explore the idea that what’s happening on the inside is equally fascinating, beautiful, and inspiring as what we see on the outside.

We caught up with Dina to find out more about her world, her work, and her favorite Fame and Partners piece. Read on.


Fame and Partners: Which three words best describe your work?
Dina Broadhurst: Desire, protection & mystery.

F&P: How did you develop your style of photography + collage? How do you think technology has affected your aesthetic?
DB: My style was just organic like picking up pieces and doing a jigsaw puzzle. My eyes saw links that my brain hadn’t even registered yet and just naturally saw connections. Technology has allowed me to go large scale with my works that would otherwise be intimate works at only magazine page size.



F&P: Do you remember the first piece you ever sold? Tell us the story.
DB: The first piece I sold was when I was still in high school to Coca Cola. I entered a competition and produced 6 hand shaped organic looking bottles that were then painted with text and collage labels on top. After the competition they wanted to buy the work for their archives.

F&P: What is the first piece of art you bought?
DB: The first piece of art I bought was a simple nude pen drawing with the most beautiful wash of bright blue watercolour by Australian artist Charles Blackman.


F&P: How do you see the relationship between art and fashion?
DB: Heavily connected and both influence the other back and forwards. Fashion is just live art, wearable sculpture at the end of the day.

F&P: What kind of woman do you imagine owning your prints?
DB: My clients are so varied, both men and women, it’s hard to say just one type. I would say someone with confidence or an alter ego that has confidence, and that loves the mystery of life and not afraid to feeling an emotion or read into things and question.


F&P: If you could have dinner with any three women, dead or alive, who would they be?
DB: Eileen Grey, Marylin Minter, Inez Van Lamsweerde

F&P: What does your closet look like?
DB: Too full. I’m always needing more space and dream of it looking all spaced out and perfect like a boutique.


F&P: What is your favorite piece from the INSIDE\OUT collection?
DB: I love the Cosmic Gate jumpsuit as the sheer gives a bit of mystery and it’s both sexy and fun.

F&P: How do you nourish yourself inside and out?
DB: I nourish myself inside and out with oils, coconut oil in my bath and on the beach, rosehip oil on my face, olive oil drizzled over all my food. Always looking to give inspiration and aesthetic stimulation back to the community I write a weekly page on sublime design that gets published online, and support up and coming artists with advice, guidance, support of their work and donate myself as a body to any art form that needs me weekly. I also make sure I attend every art opening in Sydney to support and report on all my finds and inspiration.



The INSIDE/OUT artwork features the York Dress, the Atlas Dress, the Jojo Corset, the Natice Lace Dress, and the Penn Top