Your April fashion horoscope is here.


horoscopeHey girl, what’s your sign? The stars have aligned to bring you our new monthly fashion horoscopes–and a dress you’ll probably want to wear immediately. Scroll away.

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Your traits: Fearlessness, compassion, boundless energy

You love: Competition, a change of energy

You’re not into: Being told “no”, things everyone else has

Your perfect look: The Kendall Multi-Way

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Your traits: Caring, romantic, attentive

You love: Music Festivals, Dance Parties

You’re not into: Early mornings, wastefulness

Your perfect look: The Memphis

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Your traits: Chatty, creative, ready for adventure

You love: Comedies, social media, arguing

You’re not into: Uniforms, routines

Your perfect look: The Midnight Chaos

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Your traits: Visionary, loving, forgiving

You love: Art, house parties, sales

You’re not into:: Being late, being the center of attention

Your perfect look: The Ekera

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Your traits: Strong, tasteful, unfailingly kind

You love: High fashion, making music, anything sweet

You’re not into: Solitude, endings

Your perfect look: The Star Crossed Lover

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Your traits: Attentive, analytic, clever

You love: Long-term relationships, lavender, the outdoors

You’re not into: Laziness, being far from the ones you love

Your perfect look: The Let It Be

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Your traits: Charming, sociable, idealistic

You love: Flashy outfits, late nights, being in-the-know

You’re not into: Bullies, indecision

Your perfect look: The Darlo

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Your traits: Seductive, original, influential

You love: Anything risky, indie music, all things hot and spicy

You’re not into: Not being in control, getting personal

Your perfect look: The Maquino

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Your traits: Happy, encouraging, confident

You love: Reading, making people laugh, decorating your space

You’re not into: Rules, people who aren’t open-minded

Your perfect look: The Nora

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Your traits: Dedicated, courageous, responsible

You love: Being in charge, Moto jackets, setting goals

You’re not into: Quitters, lack of purpose

Your perfect look: The Athena

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Your traits: Modern, practical, communicative

You love: Teaching people to do what you love, fighting for what you believe in

You’re not into: Drama, making decisions

Your perfect look: The Blue Moon

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Your traits: Comforting, innovative, helpful

You love: The beach, dance parties, nighttime

You’re not into: Noise, authority, being indoors

Your perfect look: The About You