Give up fast fashion, have a better wardrobe? Here’s how.

Hey babes – It’s me, Eda, from Luxe and Linen. I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger from San Francisco, CA , but soon to be Los Angeles in just a couple of weeks!

Growing up with seven older brothers, I was never a dress or skirt type of girl. However, I have always loved me a good statement pant and the Preetma is everything that I have ever asked for. The wide, karate style leg is not only comfy, but also adds great juxtaposition to the hip cut outs on the side, giving this piece an overall edgy flare.


Fame and Partners has just launched their Anti-Fast Fashion Shop and is encouraging women all over to shop ethically by ordering made-to-order pieces. Although known for offering trendy styles at ridiculously low prices, fast-fashion retailers produce so much and so fast contributing to tons of fashion waste and pollution in the world. Fame and Partners is totally the opposite; what I love most about made-to-order pieces, such as the Preetma Pants, is that each piece of clothing is truly one of a kind and customizable to your unique specifications. Say goodbye to conformity – every piece Fame and Partners makes should feel like it was made for YOU! I hardly made any changes to my pants, but I really appreciated that I was given the option to remove the cuff, add buttons, add pockets, and even turn these wide legs into culottes. I don’t know about you, but no fast-fashion retailer has ever offered me freedom like that!


I will be taking the pledge to stop shopping fast-fashion for one month and I encourage you guys to join me in the fight as well. Together, we can shop ethically and make conscious decisions to reduce waste all the while curating a wardrobe that’s full of modern and classic pieces for years to come.



You can find more from Eda on her Instagram and her blog. She’s wearing The Preetma Pant.



The Preetma Pant, The Bryan Pant, The Camille Pant