An Inside Look At An It Girl

Behind the scenes with Georgia Fowler

If we’ve learned anything from these behind-the-scenes photos of Georgia Fowler, the face of our It Girl campaign, it’s this: she’s something of a natural, and she’s having fun. Even when she’s not “working,” the girl is working it–nearly every candid shot shows the model smiling (or smizing at the very least).

Out favorite It Girl took a break from doing what she does best to have a chat with us about New York, her coffee addiction, and Snapchat no-nos. Scroll for the interview & an inside look at our photo shoot!


Fame and Partners: Tell us about your big break.

Georgia Fowler: Well I was discovered because my sister was actually discovered in New Zealand, and I was too young to be left home alone, so I went along. They signed me too, and then agencies from New York came down and scouted me from there and I came over here. I went to Paris actually when I was 15, did a little bit of work there, and London, and then came to NY at 16. I love New York, it’s great. I miss the beach, I miss the family–and the coffee! But New York is a fun place for now.

F&P: What’s your life motto?

GF: Be kind to everyone. You never know what has happened to them that day, so just smile.

F&P: What do you do for fun?

GF: I love to café hop with my friends–I’m a big foodie, I love trying out all the new places and Aussie cafes in New York. I hang out with friends and family, I like to go to movies, I like to shop, I like to exercise—is that fun? Haha. That’s really sad that I find that fun. I enjoy going to classes and getting a sweat on, it makes me feel good and gets the endorphins going.

F&P: What’s something that recently moved you?

GF: I started to doing some charity work actually, and went to the animal shelter and walked the dogs. It was kind of sad…but also nice to see that actually some of my friends have gone on to adopt some of these animals that otherwise were going to be put down. It’s awesome, I wish I could do that. But I’m stuck, I can only look after them a few hours, I travel so much.

F&P: What’s your favorite social platform?

GF: I still love Instagram for sure, Instagram’s the one for me. Snapchat’s fun because it’s more real-time, you can be a little silly, it doesn’t have to be so perfected. But also there also some very bad Snapchats. The selfie via video, no no no!

F&P: What’s your pet peeve?

GF: I’m really bad at putting on music, I hate when people ask me to put music on. ‘Cause I just freak out and get stage fright like I’m gonna put the wrong thing on, and I’m a bit of a geek so it generally is the wrong thing. Not a lot pisses me off. I guess when people are rude to wait staff and think they’re better than people—it shows a lot about their person.

F&P: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

GF: Come at me at 20 years! Haha. I have no idea and I think that’s what’s exciting about life. I have no idea what I’m gonna do after modeling, I have no idea who I’m gonna fall in love with and where that will lead me to live. I think a nice house on the beach, back in Australia, with a few babies—or they’ll be kids by this stage. We’ll see.

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