Why this fashion blogger is taking the #AntiFastFashion Pledge–and why you should, too.



As of today, I pledge to stop fast shopping for 1 month–although I rarely find myself shopping fast fashion anymore these days. I am mostly partaking in this pledge because I want to spread word against fast fashion, and push all of our readers to do the same. I was raised to believe that quality means more than quantity–and I will forever stand by that!



In my line of work as a blogger and creator, I always find myself outside, exploring this incredible world that we live in. I am always in search of subtle details in nature to capture with my camera or natural scenes that will compliment what I am wearing for shoots. The environment means so much to me! It is not only a contributing factor to my work, but also where I find peace, inspiration and life! So when I first read that Americans trash around 14 million tons of clothing each and every year, and around 80% of that ends up in landfills or incinerators, my heart sank. All I could think about was the earth coated with a layer of trashed clothing! I then thought about all of the fast fashion shops out there, mass-producing clothing, that at some point or another would end up contributing to that waste. These fast fashion shops are producing tons of trendy clothing that will only last one season before it is ready to be thrown away. Well, thrown on top of a landfill, that is.


So what can you do to help prevent adding to the waste? Pledge to stop shopping fast fashion as well! This is one of the reasons I just love where we are at today with Instagram and online shopping. We have access to so many more ethical shops carrying carefully crafted designs. Designs that will remain unique for a lifetime, and will provide us with so much joy in being one of a kind. This is the feeling I have when I receive a piece from Fame and Partners! I can just *feel* the craftsmanship in their fully customizable, timeless designs, that just so happen to always fit like a glove. When I open a Fame and Partners package, I think about the efforts that they put into tailoring my made-to-order design. Nothing can beat that feeling of owning something with so much pride and joy!


So, I ask all of you beautiful people to join me in this pledge to stop fast shopping. Spend more on a timeless, ethical design that will last you a lifetime, rather than a cheap and trendy piece that will last you just one season.


With LOVE,
Jordan Rose from Astro Bandit

You can find more from Jordan on her blog and Instagram. She’s wearing The Gilda Dress.




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