4 reasons you *need* to try a robe dress.



Here at Fame HQ, we’ve been extolling the benefits of a good robe dress for forever. It really can’t be beat: name another clothing item with a cultish cool-factor and the comfortability of, well, a robe. Bet you can’t.

On the fence about a robe dress? Let us call you over to the comfy side.


The Maquino in Navy

1. A robe dress is the epitome of effortless chic.
There’s literally nothing easier to throw-on-and-go than a robe dress. Opt for a silk version; the fancy fabric can balance out a messy updo when you’ve got to be out the door fast.


The Kiko in Black

2. It can easily go from casual to dressy.
Toss a robe dress over your jeans for a daytime look. Swap the jeans for heels, and voilá–you’ve got an evening look.


The Agata in Cobalt

3. It doubles as a jacket.
A robe dress is the ultimate layering piece: it looks just as chic worn open over your favorite weekend wear.


The Maquino in Red

4. A robe dress evokes subtle sexiness.
Think of it as a companion to the men’s button down: the garment itself might not be sexy, but a woman wearing it? Sexy as hell.


The Kiko in Dark Tan

Have we convinced you yet? Shop our favorite robe and wrap styles here.