3 ways to make custom bridesmaid dresses work.


The most tension-filled decision in the planning of a wedding is always this: what bridesmaids dresses will the bride choose? The ugly, ill-fitting, never-to-be-worn-again bridesmaid dress has become something of a cliché for a reason, after all. But modern brides are backing away from this particular tradition and deciding to give their bridesmaids dresses they love instead–dresses that fit perfectly, flatter them individually, and allow their personalities to shine through. Talk about the ultimate wedding gift!

If you’re considering giving your bridesmaids the gift of custom dresses, here are three ways to make it work.

1. Choose one dress, tailored to each bridesmaid


Blogger @lifeandsoleofshoes knew exactly what she wanted when it came to her bridesmaid dresses: something reminiscent of the salsa dancing emoji. Fame and Partners’ red, ruffled version was perfect, since it allowed every bridesmaid to have the style made-to-order to her exact height and size–no tailor necessary. Shop the look.

2. Choose one color, and allow each bridesmaid to pick an individual dress


Bride Taylor Verné wasn’t afraid to break the unspoken rule of wedding dress codes, and had her bridesmaids all wear white. However, she wanted each bridesmaid to be able to pick a look that fit her own unique body type and personal style. Since every Fame and Partners piece can be customized in nearly any color, it gave these bridesmaids the ultimate way to ensure that the fabric and shades of white on all seven different dresses matched perfectly! Shop the look.

3. Let your bridesmaids wear what they want


With Anne’s rustic wedding, she says, “I was pretty laid back. I encouraged my bridesmaids to find a dress style they felt comfortable wearing.” For these ladies, that meant completely unique, totally individual bridesmaid dresses from Fame and Partners. One chose a pleated gown, another went for a ruffled column dress, and the third opted for a two-piece set. What tied the look together? The fact that each woman felt amazing in her own skin. Shop the look.

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