3 ways I’m saving the planet. (Hint: fashion is one of them.)



Happy Earth Month!!

Please celebrate by having yourself an extra yummy green–superfood–smoothie or juice. Cheers!

With a growing shift in consciousness and wellness lifestyles, what we consume, how we source food and materials, how we eat and how we treat the Earth, should all reflect this rise in consciousness–as it did in ancient times and how it currently does in indigenous cultures still. A beautiful way of life and philosophy of indigenous people is to only take what you need from the earth and to pray and give thanks for all the elements and energy that went into planting and harvesting that which you eat from the Earth, a.k.a. Mother Earth, a.k.a. Gaia. This is the way of our ancestors is beautiful and not dead. We can each reach deep within and connect to the timeless wisdom of living in better harmony with the Earth and its inhabitants.


Living greener, more conscious, and mindful, has evolved into an overall lifestyle for me. The beauty of this path is living environmentally friendly and making responsible decisions and lifestyle choices–on all levels, for the greater good and future sustainability of all here now and all to come.

Pollutants. Pollutants are a thing–and very toxic.

Becoming aware of environmental hazards, of their impact, and how you can easily do your part to reduce them, is such a powerful start for making change. Chemical-based products negatively affect you on a cellular level, they cause hormonal imbalance, reduce brain function, alter the nervous system (google neurotoxins) and pollute your body, the air in your home, the environment, and the planet. One of the greatest factors that made me realize the impact of chemicals and environmental hazards on living things is the many benefits I have experienced: mind, body, and soul, as a direct result of cutting chemicals and toxins out of my life, as well as, implementing regular ways to detox from heavy-metals, such as taking Chlorella on a daily basis and detox baths. Toxic heavy metals come from air pollution, automobiles and public transportation are some of the biggest sources of these pollutants. So no matter how healthy you eat or how toxic-free your home is, if you leave your home and venture out into the world, pollution will be there. The good news is that there’s solutions–and that more and more we are awakening, leaning in, and asking how we can each do our part in reducing pollution, honoring our planet, and saving it……from us.


Here are 3 easy ways I’m protecting the planet.

1. Supporting Ethical Brands & Companies
Brands who are environmentally mindful, sustainable, ethically, and consciously made. Not only do these companies have the planet’s well-being in mind, but also yours. Such a win-win situation. I have a huge crush on companies whose values and ethics benefit and support me in maintaining and sustaining a healthful lifestyle. To have conscious brands so accessible–is everything.

I love that Fame & Partners is one of these mindful brands and is leading the way in the fashion industry, in this area. In the same way that indigenous gatherers and farmers only take what is needed from the earth, Fame & Partners only makes and produces what is needed, as in not made until it’s ordered. This ultimately helps to reduce emissions in the air, which is the #1 cause of air pollution.

2. Going Green | Natural Products
Transitioning to a non-toxic lifestyle by breaking up with chemical-laden beauty, hair, body, and household products, has been life changing is such a positive way. My biggest concern was if natural/green products would actually work as well. It took me some time to discover which products are most effective for my home, my family and I and to learn about ingredients. Once I found my flow with green products and green living, I never looked back. I love supporting natural products & brands who get it and that work–well. I have become a full-fledged believer in the power of pure, natural, chemical-free products. Yes, they work–well, have high standards, and help us all to do our part in reducing emissions and protecting and saving the planet.

3. Reusable Grocery Bags & Boxes
Less plastic bags for the win! Less paper bags for the win! Less single use items for the win! The data on how plastic bags are polluting the environment and harming both marine and wildlife is alarming. California along with other states have placed a ban on single-use plastic carryout bags to reduce pollution and protect the environment. Customers now have to bring their own bags when shopping or pay 10 cents to purchase a recycled paper bag or you can purchase a reusable bag for around $1 to $2. It’s wonderful to know that 200 countries around the world and other states and cities are taking the same protective measures by enacting laws which ban the distribution of disposable, non-recyclable plastic carry-out bags and charge a fee for all other disposable bags.


My personal favorite way to pack groceries is using hemp mesh bags and large canvas or cotton totes. My next favs are boxes and hand woven market baskets and African Baskets. The level of ease they both make carrying groceries is pretty epic. Saving and repurposing grocery boxes works wonders as a way to transport groceries from store to home. Grocery boxes can be found at any market and store you shop at. I’m sure they’d be more than generous in donating a few to your mission in reducing waste and protecting the environment. If you use plastic bags and sandwich bags, consider reusing them. Sandwich bags can be washed out, left to dry, and

Keep in mind that because of supply and demand, the less we use, the less that has to be made.

Keep in mind that litter is not just litter, it’s pollution.

We’re either guardians and stewards, of Gaia or the opposite. Yikes! Let’s be good, thoughtful, and kind stewards of Gaia, Mother Earth, she’s feeding us and housing us–as she did our ancestors. How beautiful. Give thanks and honor.


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